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Hello, and welcome to my website, which tells you something of who I am and what I do ~

I am a born-and-bred Liverpudlian: 
I am deeply proud of this fact, and of my wonderful home and its very diverse people. I have a very happy home, shared with my family and friends, and life is always full and fun.

This year I celebrate 40 years of very happy marriage to my wonderful wife, Jackie.
Together we have three, amazing, grown-up children, Ben, Sammy and Danny.

Professionally too, my life is rewarding and joyful:
This is because Liverpool has an outstanding history, and is a dynamic, creative, world-class City that is currently undergoing a major renaissance. I am fortunate in that I am in a position to continually contribute to this wonderful evolution.

At the end of 2016, I retired as the Managing Director of ‘The Knowledge’; a consultancy that designed and delivered business-leadership and professional-development courses, workshops, and lectures, to companies, organisations, and agencies from all sectors, and all over the world.
Previously, and for 10 years until the end of 2009, I had been Senior Programme Director with Common Purpose; the international, leadership development organisation. In addition, and in a varied career spanning almost 50 years, I have has experience in all professional sectors.

This included working as a Residential Child Care Officer – with profoundly disabled youngsters; as a Youth and Community Leader; as the Community Development Worker for Toxteth; as the Northwest Regional Officer for Barnardos; and the National Partnership Director for the Business Environment Association.
I also undertook a special, 1-year contract for Liverpool Hope University as Executive Director of Continuing Professional Development. In this role I was awarded an honorary fellowship of the university. I then set up 'The Knowledge Group' in 2009.

For over 20 years I have been a Proprietor of The Athenaeum and, in 2015, was awarded a full Fellowship of Liverpool Hope University. I am also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. I continue as the Managing Director of Discover-Liverpool; which I established in 2005.

I write, broadcast, and lecture on the history and heritage of my home City of Liverpool and the region of Merseyside, and I enthusiastically promote these and the wider Liverpool City Region. I also occassionally work with a number of senior professionals and key organisations, to ensure that Liverpool continues to evolve and fulfil its international role as a World Class City.

Born in 1951, I grew up in the Broadgreen, Wavertree, and Childwall districts of Liverpool, and enjoyed a happy childhood
I began my own entrepreneurial development very young: At the age of 10, I opened up my first business ~ 'Ken Pye Gardens'.
For a fixed fee of 4/- (shillings) an hour (which was a high but fair rate in 1961), I took bookings from my large portfolio of clients, to regularly maintain their gardens, flower-beds, and hedges!

By the age of 14, I had established 'Pye's Puppet Show'.
For a fee of 1 Guinea (my Mum told me that this sounded more business-like than £1!), I would perform glove-puppet shows, lasting an hour, backed by a full programme of recorded music and special-effects (!). Allowing the natural performer in my personality to come to the fore, I had many dozens of bookings every year, and gave shows to audiences of children and adults.  These  were delivered in schools, churches, youth clubs, and to Rotary Clubs, Townswomen's' Guilds, and Women's' Institutes etc.!

My shows featured the traditional Punch and Judy story, plus other. original plays and sketches that I wrote myself, employing a large cast of puppet characters.
These wore costumes designed and made by my older sister-in-law, and they played in a large, portable theatre, that my dad helped me to build.
By the age of 19, I had also become a fully qualified Drama Instructor and Youth Leader; as well as, at that time, one of Britain's youngest Queen's Scouts and warranted Scout Officers.

As I reached adult life, and as my experience and influence across the region grew and strengthened, I was increasingly able to make a significant contribution to many individuals, communities, and organisations, as well as to companies and businesses ranging from small SMEs to major multi-nationals.

One of my particular skills is the ability to identify, locate, and make available to others, the vast range of opportunities that are 'out there'; crucially though, I can also transfer as well as transmit enthusiasm.
Life should be rewarding and fun for us all: We should have as many chances as possible to learn from life, and from other people, and to contribute to life and our community too.

I believe that a man's true success is measured by his achievements to the benefit of mankind,
and by how many people he loves and who love him in return.

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There is a saying; 'All Roads Lead To Rome', well, all roads led to Liverpool and, from here, to the rest of the Globe: They travelled on 'the high seas' as well as by canal, road, rail, and air: And they still do, because the City and Port remain hubs for international trade, enterprise, communication, and culture.
For over 250 years this was the most important city in the British Empire, outside London, and also one of the world's greatest ports. As a European Capital of Culture, and a UNESCO World Heritage City, Liverpool is now shaping a new, 21st century destiny for itself and its people ~ a true renaissance.

The author of over 17 local history book, Ken Pye's knowledge of the history and heritage of Merseyside is second-to-none.
He is also expert in its current, key strategic position in UKPlc and Europe; as well as in its increasingly recognised role as a World-Class City and Port.
Whether you are a native of Merseyside, a recent resident, a visitor, or an investor, Ken can share his expertise and insights with you, so that you too can celebrate, appreciate, utilise, and enjoy all that this great City and Region have to offer.

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